Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Showcase for Cherry Wings Challenge #1

It's the last day of September today. (Where has the time gone?!) And it's our showcase time to share the results of our very 1st Cherry Wings Challenge- Mid Autumn Moon Festival Card. So here they are!

This is the card which my friend Erin came up with:

I love the warm autumn feeling from the orange, the yellow and the brown colours of her card. I especially love that backing paper. It does create that Moon Festival mood. When I asked her where she got that paper from, it turned out that it was only a leaflet from Starbucks. It just shows that you can use anything to make cards with your imagination! The love birds stamp, I believe, is the free gift stamp from the February Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine issue 62. (I know that because I have that stamp set too!! dog mall) And don't you just love all that glitter reflecting the bright moonlight and shining everywhere! I love it!

Now.... here is my card or I should said cards:

I have to be honest, this has been a very hard challenge. I certainly needed the whole month to come up with this pair of cards. From the very beginning I knew I wanted to make a circular card, as it resembles the big round moon of the Moon Festival. I also knew that I wanted to use 9 gem stones to represent the 9 suns. But what image to put in the middle of my card I surely hadn't got a clue. Until one day, I came across these two Chinese figurines from a magazine and that was it. Everything seemed to come together so easily.

The small rounded moon behind the lady was punched out from a beauty magazine too. And I just couldn't resist sneakily placing my Jade Rabbit on the card with its fluffy tail. There is a saying in Chinese that people miss their family and friends even more during special holidays or festivals ("每逢佳節倍思親"). Therefore, I thought the "Miss You" sentiment suits the card well.

Once I made the card with the Chinese lady, I just couldn't stop to make another one with the Chinese gentleman. The only differences between these two are the main yellow backing paper and the colour of the gem stones. I ran out of the lighter yellow colour paper so had to use another deeper colour yellow paper! smileys And to give the male card more of a masculine feel, I decided to use the strong red colour gem stones.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed seeing our 1st challenge results. I truly enjoyed making them. Please do come back tomorrow to find out what's in store for our 2nd challenge for the month of October.


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