Thursday, 29 August 2013

That's a First!!

Hello there!

As usual, I was just reading all the blogs I'm subscribed to on Blogger tonight and came across this post: Just Add Ink #179.... Winners! OMG! I could really scream!!! This has never happened before! The card that I made here has received Honorable Mentions on the Just Add Ink blog!!

I've been entering different card challenges for so long and never won any of the challenges. I guess I am just not lucky enough or my cards are just not good enough or there are just too many card makers that are way better than me! Whatever it is, this is a start and this is definitely a first! I am just so so excited and happy to see my card being mentioned on another blog! It must be not that bad!!^_^ Got to show that card again:

Woo hoo~ Let's see if I can be the winner next time!! Have a nice evening!


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  1. Hi Julie

    Don't be put off entering challenges .. .. your cards certainly are good enough .. .. they are gorgeous.

    Because it is so hard to choose winners I think most challenge winners are selected on a random draw basis so it is just "the luck of the draw".

    Love this card very much.

    Anything sewing related has to be a winner!!

    Have a good week.

    Love Jules xx


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