Sunday, 16 October 2011

I am back.... REALLY!

Hi everyone (if there is anyone out there reading this?!),

After a long break (I had a lovely summer holiday back home in Taiwan) and a good repair (our computer is now fixed and runs very fast), I am now back in touch with blogland. Although I have not been blogging for a while, that does not mean I have stopped making cards and being creative. Now I have more cards than ever to share with you all! I have also been reading a lot of your blogs so I am "secretly" following the card making trend. scuba diving in menorca

Well, enough of me talking. Hope this card will be a good start. It is a card which I made for my dad's birthday not long ago. The tea pot and tea cup stamped images are from Elzybells. The sentiment, tea bag and tea cup (on the envelope) images are from TPC Studio- Coffee Cafe clear stamps set. 

This is a mechanical slider card which was featured in Quick Card made easy magazine issue 91. I just love cards that move!! The actual mechanism is not that hard to follow and assemble but it took me a while to figure out how to make it to rotate in the direction I wanted. But I did it in the end, hooray! footballer pictures

Here is a close up of the card. See a hot cuppa tea just being poured?!  I just love how it moves!!

Now I bet you can't wait to see it in motion. So here it is, demostrated by my daugter by pulling the slider to make the tea pot pour.

I hope you enjoyed my first comeback post today and it will not take me too long to share another card with you again.

Have a good evening.


  1. Hello, Julie! So happy to see a fellow Taiwanese friend's card blog! Your lovely card is absolutely SWEET! That little video is the tea pouring out from the tea pot! I will watch out for your creations! HUGS!

  2. Hello Julie! My goodness you have been away a long time - so glad to see you back. Always liked your cards and this one is no exception. Love the movement of the card, not something I have done myself. Huge apologies from me as you asked about one of my Sugar Bowl cards, and I never replied! You'd asked how I made the middle of a die-cut embossed, well there is no trick to it, I just cut the matching circle nestie, embossed it and glued it to the fancy circle - hope that explains that. Also about the photos - I think, from what everyone has said, I will invest in a light cube (seems you can get them on ebay / Amazon) and use the daylight bulb I have (and yes they do give a blue light), then try some different photo editing. Phew, that was a long one! Hope you are still reading and not given up!!! Best wishes, Sarah


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