Friday, 18 February 2011

Partying soon

We have recently been invited to a wedding evening reception by my hubby's cousin. His daughter will be married in April this year. I love weddings!! Another chance to dress up, party and have fun! Just can't wait! happy smileys

My friend Erin has recently recommend this Get Sketchy Card Challenge website. So I thought I would give their latest sketch #74 a go. Here is the sketch. A very simple sketch. 

So I have made this card for accepting their wedding invite. It is very difficult to photograph this card. I tried many times, without flash it is blur and with flash the shining pearlescent paper just reflects the light. This is as good as I can get.

I always find simple sketch/ designs difficult. I admire people who can make clean, simple but powerful cards. I hope you like this card. My hubby said it looks better than their wedding evening invitation. Not sure if it is true or he simply said that because he loves me!! free smileys

Bed time now. Sweet dreams!


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