Sunday, 3 October 2010

Frothy Beer

After receiving the Big Shot as my birthday present, I bought my first ever Nellie Snellen Multi Frame Die (MFD0005). Gosh! Now I know what I missed before I had Big Shot! These dies cut intricate and beautiful frames. I spent a while experimenting with them.

I made this card for my dad's birthday. Just had to use one of the die cutting frames for this card. When it comes to cards for men, it is always a struggle. I thought, since I used my faviourite beads and wires to make a bottle and a glass last time, maybe I would try to use beads and wires again to make a frothy mug of beer.

So how did I do with this beer? It took few goes for my husband to finally guess it but my daughter immediately said it is a mug with bubbles coming out at the top. (Well, I guess for a seven year old she doesn't know her drinks yet!! Hee hee!) I think it is not too bad for a first attempt!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Dad! I know this card is late but my warm wishes to you are bigger than ever. Hope you had a great and enjoyable day. Love ya!

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