Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Start of Something New

It's the popular wedding season again!

My neighbour ordered two wedding cards from me recently. One for her niece and one for her mum's granddaughter. She mentioned that she would like to have a wedding church/ bell design for her card and this is what I came up with:

I love beads and wires, therefore, I couldn't help but make a wedding bell charm out of gold and red seeded beads. This was then attached to the ribbon on the side. As the wedding theme colour was ivory and burgundy, I left the church image uncoloured and kept the card clean with just a few simple colours of pink, purple and burgundy. Of course, no card can be left without glitter and some bling! All church windows were decorated with crystal Stickles glitter glue and shiny gem stones added to the church door handles. I have to mention that I was so proud of myself for stamping the phrase "TO THE HAPPY COUPLE" directly on to the card without messing them up. I have these little alphabet rubber stamps, not like clear stamps, so you can't really see where you are stamping. So to be able to stamp them straight and clear I have to give myself a big applause for that! scared smileys

Here is a picture of the inside of the card and the envelope design. And yes, as you can see, it is an easel card. I love easel cards! I have made a few and still like the fact that you can display the card so neatly. So I am not fed up of easel cards just yet!

For my neighbour's mum's card, she pretty much left me to come up with the design. The only requests she made concerned the colour and to ensure that the card was personalised with the wedding date and the bride and groom's name. Here is the card I made for her. I'm loving it!

I found this Stamp-n-Design with Lynn Pratt site with free template to make this card. I really enjoyed making this card. However, I struggled to find a suitable paper or card for the wedding dress. Finally this shimmery ivory card, embossed with swirls and roses, appeared in my local craft shop. I almost jumped and cheered when I saw it. It is just the perfect card for this wedding dress. When you touch the card, you notice that the patterns are raised with a velvety feel to it. Unfortunately, it didn't state what company this A4 card came from. Maybe I should find out from the shop next time so that I can share this information. Apart from ivory colour they also come in black, pink, purple, silvery white etc. I just want them all!!

Anyway, back to the wedding card. Again I used crystal Stickles to highlight the embossed pattern and various sized gem stones added around the neckline, the edge of the dress, centre of the bow tie and the shirt buttons. A silky burgundy ribbon added on the waist and suit collar and bow tie have also been cut out from burgundy card. Here is a close-up photo of the wedding dress.

Another close-up photo of the groom's suit.

This is the first time I ever made a gate fold card. Inside the card, my neighbour's mum had a wedding verse written especially for her granddaughter. That is very sweet! As the verse is quite long, I added punched ivory coloured paper on both sides in order to make a space for her mum and dad to write their own messages.

Just another photo of the card partly opened with the stamped envelope.

Many of you may have wondered why this blog has not been updated for a while? Well... I had a stressful time at work and for a period of time nothing seemed to be interesting, including card making!! How awful that sounds! Thank God to a bunch of lovely friends and colleagues, I have overcome the gloomy dark period and found sunshine once again. I guess everyone has that low moment in their lives and I am ready again to explore something new. Like a bride's new life as a wife; like my first gate fold card; like me planning to start something new!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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