Thursday, 8 July 2010

It's fun making cards with you

I love to do crafts with my daughters. Whether it's making models out of recycled boxes and toilet roll tubes or cutting shapes and images to make a pretty collage picture, we always have a great time! It is also a good chance to spend quality time with your children.

Whenever my eldest daughter, Aimee, (she is 7 now!) has been invited for a birthday party, she always says to me "Mummy, can we make a birthday card for my friend?" Quite often she decides on the colours and images etc, that she wants to use. She really has a definite opinion on how she likes to create her card, which is brilliant! Everything from the card layout/ composition to colouring, paper selections, choosing sentiments etc is well thought out. She has some ideas on how she would like her finished cards to look. Of course, sometimes she needs a bit of encouragement, suggestions and a bit of help in cutting and trimming. But, all in all, we do make good cards together.

Today I would like to share two of the birthday cards which she made (with a bit of mummy's help!)

For this first card we used Taylor Expressions - For the Love of Cupcakes stamp set and a free stamp set by Adam Pescott from the Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine. My daughter chose 2 main colours: pink and yellow. She also mentioned that she would like to use the stamp set to create 3 different cupcakes. So she tried stamping and was able to demonstrate a really good colouring technique too. Here is a close up of one of the cupcakes. She also added glitter to the rose and used Crystal Lacquer for the yellow topping, which added texture and shine.

While she was making the cupcakes, I helped to colour the cute doggy and did the paper piecing for the teddy bear.

I think we make a good team. Aimee definitely enjoyed making this card, particularly as she had the original idea for it!

The second birthday card here is mainly in pink and yellow too. (I wonder if this is her favorite colour combination?! smileys) For this card she helped to stamp the flower background and also colour the Gorjuss Girl image from Sugar Nellie. With a little tip on how to colour, I think she has done a fantastic job! Although some colours have accidentally strayed over the image outline Aimee said "It doesn't matter mummy, you can cut the girl out so you can't see that I've gone out of the line!" Clever girl! So that is exactly what I did! She also liked the paper piecing effect and decided to pick a redish pattern paper for the dress.

What do you think of these cards? Aimee has another party coming up soon. I think she really enjoyed colouring the Gorjuss Girl image this time. She even asked me "Can I make another card with the girl sitting sideways?" Mmm... maybe this time I will ask her to colour the whole image. Looks like another fun day is coming soon. I am so glad that we are able to share the same interest in making things. Have you shared your craft activities with your children or grandchildren yet?

Enjoy the fun!

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