Friday, 28 January 2011

Goo-goo Ga-ga

Recently many friends around me are either expecting or have just given birth. Therefore, I thought I would share two of my baby congratulations cards which I made last year.

My colleague was leaving work to go on maternity leave so I made her this card to wish her all the best. I just love this stamp image - a happy, proud mum!

I like to add the recipient's name on card, just to make it a little bit special. I have also stamped the front of the envelope with this cute heart safety pin. All stamps are from Elzybells, which unfortunately has closed down.

Inside the card, I continued with the heart safety pin images. I coloured the pins by using a gold sparkly gel pen. The hearts are coloured in red with glitter glue added for extra sparkle. This baby stamp image is so cute! (Also from Elzybells.) The little tag at the top is blank so that you can add any message you like.

The idea, for the next baby card, was taken from the Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine issue 78. I like to make mechanism cards. The fun of being able to interact with the card always amazes me. First when you look at this card, there is not much going on. I used the template that comes with the magazine, followed the instruction and made this baby pram. The wheels are attached by brads so they are moveable too. There is a tab at the right hand size of the card and once you pull it......

...... this is what happens.......

The baby sticks his head out and also reveals the message "Congratulations"! I had so much fun making this card and just couldn't stop pulling the tab in and out. Another day, I would like to use this mechanism and make other cards like a little mouse coming out of its mouse hole or a fairy popping out behind a mushroom. So many ideas and so little time to make cards! Do you have any other ideas?

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