Sunday, 6 December 2009

Slider/ Spinner card

Hi, I bet you were all wondering where I've been? I have been busy fulfilling my Xmas card orders this year and I just ran out of time to blog. But here I am again. ^_^

Today, I am going to share my first slider card. I previously saw this project being shown in a card magazine and I have also found some tutorials on Youtube. Since then I have been dying to have a go! Soon after, I had a male birthday card order from my friend and she has asked for a space/ science fiction theme. So I decided this will be a good chance for me to incorporate this technique.

Here it is, my space rocket slider card.

I have found this font called "Distant Galaxy" on my computer. This is just perfect for my space/ science fiction theme as I instantly recognize this font as the Star Wars movie title font. I printed the recipient's name out and used it as a template to cut the letters out from the card. Then I used white liquid pearl to add little dots on each letter to make them look like bolts. I designed the rocket myself and assembled it together by using various coloured cards. The rocket was attached on a round foam pad which was sandwiched between two round stiff cards. (All tutorials have shown this technique by using two coins. However, I think two coins could add on to the weight of your card consequently increase your postage cost if you are mailing your card out. Using two stiff round cards works just as well as using coins.) This round foam pad slides along the cut out channel, which was raised up by more foam pads, from the base card. I believe you can use any shape foam pad to be sandwiched in along the channel. However, by using a round foam pad, this will also allow your image to spin round and round as it slides.

And.... this is what my original rocket does - slide and spin at the same time! But I thought a rocket will not be a rocket without a blasting flame. Thus, after adding yellow and red treads as 'flame', I guess the rocket became heavier on one side and the spinning mechanism did not work as good as before. But I am still proud of my first attempt at making this slider/ spinner card. I do not regret adding the 'flame' on as it really gives some texture to the card.

While the rocket slides (and spins a little) along the channel, it also reveals the greeting text message underneath. All the little stars and 'circular planets' are peel offs. Pearlescent cards have been used to give that little shine. And blue clear beads have also been used on the wire to hold the large star.

I love the card and the good news is my friend loved it too when she received it!


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