Thursday, 21 May 2009

For my Grandad...

My beloved Grandad passed away on 8th May 2009. It was a shocking news as it all happened so quickly. I believe he had a good 89 years of life and my love will always stay with him. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend his funeral in Taiwan. However, I made this card especially for him and luckily it arrived in time before his cremation. This card will be cremated with Grandad and I hope he has received it.

My Grandad loves orchids. He has a huge garden where he plants hundreds and hundreds of orchids. He also creates new breeds of orchids and won many awards. With sadness, I struggled to make the card as my mind has gone blank and no suitable craft material in hand. In the end, I made this simple card and hand drawn a picture of my Grandad's favourite flower- Orchid. Truly hope Grandad will like it.


"Goodbye is the saddest word" -


外孫女 君玲
外孫女婿 Mick
曾外孫女 雅敏、婕敏 敬上

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